Brierley Hill Primary Logo

Brierley Hill Primary School felt that their current logo was dated and needed updating. Like many primary schools the logo was designed a long time ago and for multiple reasons hasn't been a priority to update.

Brierley Hill Primary Schools redesigned logo

They also didn't possess the original logo file making it very difficult to use the logo in new situations. Tesla Media was tasked with redesigning the logo while remaining sympathetic to the original - a brand well established and familiar to the community.

Old vs new logo

The font was changed to be more modern while still maintaining a formal feel. Equally the sub tagline of "Every Child Achieves" took on a more quirky, handwritten style that leans towards a childlike state. This also needed repositioning as the original placement didn't fit well with the overall circular design.

The whole thing is a scalable vector which Tesla Media wrapped up in a nice parcel of files that can be used whenever, wherever and edited easily. How kind of us!